Josemin, 52 – Stomach Cancer

My mum got diagnosed with stomach cancer in her late 60s and needed to have major surgery. The hospital told us that she would need to be admitted to hospital for 15 days and that even this was optimistic. I have been a patient of Dr Kloppenburg for years and she was the first medical practitioner I pursued to see what could be done to get my mother as strong as we could before she had to endure this gruelling surgery. My mum was started on a course of preoperative infusions. Her surgery went well, and she was discharged after 9 days because her recovery was so good. The doctors were really amazed with her healing capacity and told us it’s not often that they see this kind of speedy recovery. I have now planned for her to have a course of post operative infusions which we hope will improve her overall wellbeing while she waits for her next round of treatments.

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