Emotional Wellbeing

Qualified psychologists assess your emotional needs on your path to prosperous health

Traditional ‘western’ medical treatment often fails to address cancer patients’ emotional experience. There has long been a tendency for conventional medicine to ignore holistic concerns and to treat the ‘mechanical’ aspects of illness and disease, while failing to treat the ‘whole person’.

Wellbeing Medical Group thrives to address not only on your physical health but also your emotional wellbeing. As such, we deliver a patient-centred form of integrated cancer care. We use mind and body practices as well as a range of naturally derived products and modifications to your lifestyle, supporting all appropriate conventional cancer treatments.

This is intended to make the western medical treatments more effective, but also to minimise your experience to deleterious side effects and support your emotional state in what can be one of the most trying experiences of a patient’s life. We work to help your emotional state through our dedicated emotional wellbeing programme. We work with highly qualified psychologists to assess your spiritual and emotional needs, opening up a crucial pathway to prosperous health.

What can our team offer?

We can create and individualised programme of care, ensuring that our complementary treatments are both safe and appropriate to be used alongside your existing treatment plan

We offer lifestyle management techniques such as diet and self-care routines that can make you more resilient, faster to heal, and better able to ‘roll with the punches’ of a difficult treatment plan.

We can give you expert guidance on actions which could actually interfere with your cancer treatments, and help you find safer alternatives.

Finally, we can offer advice on managing the side effects of your prescribed medicines and treatments.

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Wellbeing Medical Group thrives to keep your health the no.1 priority. Our staff are dedicated to work closely on your case and offer you the maximum support required to reaching optimized health goals. Each person is an individual for us and so is our approach.

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