Private Genetic Testing

Analyse your DNA to determine your genetic makeup and achieve early detection of hereditary conditions

At Wellbeing Medical Group genetic testing is individualised based on your medical and family history and medical conditions you are being tested for. Genetic testing can be like looking at the instruction books your cells operate on to run your body’s programming. In fact, this kind of early detection can help to treat, manage or ameliorate these conditions by beginning treatment years before we might realise it was necessary otherwise.

Suitable For

Just a few of the most important reasons to consider getting genetic testing include:

If you doctor suspects you might have a genetically-related health condition

Determining whether you have an inheritable condition before having children

If a member of your family has discovered that they have a genetic anomaly or illness

If one or more of your relatives have a vulnerability to a particular type of cancer which can be passed on through the bloodline


Genetic testing explores your DNA to see what forms of mutations or other variants can cause impact to your health.

A sample of your saliva is taken and sent to the lab, results then take up to a few weeks to be received.

  • Single gene testing – analysing changes in one singular gene.
  • Panel testing – observing many genes in one panel testing.
  • Exome sequencing – this looks at all the genes within the DNA or just the genes related to the medical condition.
  • Genome sequencing – this is the largest genetic panel which analyzes a person’s full  DNA, not just the genes.
There are various different types of genetic tests and no single genetic test can detect all genetic conditions.

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