Integrated Oncology

Empowering People to Improve their lives.

Adult Integrative Oncology

At the Wellbeing Medical Group, we seek to use integrative medicine to support traditional chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery and immunotherapy. These are areas where Western medicine truly excels, but these treatments still have substantial limitations, drawbacks and side effects.
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Children Integrated Oncology

Improve the wellbeing of your entire family, not just the patient. Parents, siblings and other family members can be equally devastated by a cancer diagnosis as the patient, and our holistic and psychological treatments seek to improve the mental and physical health of the entire family, improving the quality of life for all.
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Integrated Medicine

a holistic approach to address more than symptoms, looking at the root cause of disease and ill health. This means we treat each patient as an integrated whole, rather than a list of symptoms and test results. We base our treatments on your physical and psychological state, as well as your lifestyle, nutrition and stress levels.
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Emotional Wellbeing

Traditional ‘western’ medical treatment often fails to address cancer patients’ emotional experience. There has long been a tendency for conventional medicine to ignore holistic concerns and to treat the ‘mechanical’ aspects of illness and disease, while failing to treat the ‘whole person’.
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