Diagnostic Tests

Reviewing your health is key to understanding and maintaining wellbeing.
Our diagnostic panels will provide you the optimum data required to control and maintain good health.

Optimum Health Program

An alternative medicine practice that has been validated by scientific research and found to be both safe and effective, while also incorporating elements of traditional Western approaches such as nutrition, physical activity, and personal fitness coaching.
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Private Genetic Testing

A range of tests to help identify the risk of developing certain inherited or hereditary conditions, allowing for early diagnosis and intervention, such as cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anaemia, and Tay-Sachs disease. Genetic testing can also be used in a number of ways in oncology, by detecting mutations in genes associated with certain cancers.
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Private Blood Tests

Blood tests are simple and relatively quick to perform, which makes them an important tool in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of many health conditions.
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WMG Diagnostic Process

  1. Book your initial appointment with us for your blood test (same day appointments may be available).
  2. On arrival you will be presented with a form to complete
  3. Upon completion our dedicated nurse will retrieve your chosen sample testing.
  4. Results lead time will be given to you on the day
  5. Once results are received you will receive a email notification.
  6. Written medical interpretation will be provided along with a copy of your blood test.
  7. Our patient coordinator will also be in touch to provide you with options for preventative health services.
*Optional – 30 mins consultation with a consultant specialist –  £100.00*


Diagnostic testing encompasses a range of different procedures, all designed to investigate your symptoms, and determine what might or might not be causing them. It is a scientific process based on obtaining and analysing medical evidence, it also aims to understand your entire wellbeing, not just your physical health.

During your initial assessment, which we call discovery, our consulting member will carefully review your symptoms and discuss your medical history. She will then work to identify what your health-related goals and verify that you are a good candidate for our services before she can advise any course of diagnostic testing.

This varies substantially from one test to another, and pricing is available on our website.

Generally speaking, yes you can. However, our clinic does become quite busy at times, and you might experience a wait while a trained nurse or technician becomes available. For the fastest experience, you should call ahead and book a time for any testing.

Yes, this will require an evaluation from our GMC registered consultant. Please enquire directly, and we’ll work to quickly determine whether we can find out all we need to know to help.

No. Wellbeing Medical Group is a private medical practice. This means you do not need to be referred to use any of our services.

Results vary depending on the test, our patient advisors and medical team will assist you to let you know within what time frame your results will be ready.

Yes, we are happy to send via encrypted email a copy of your results.

You will receive a written interpretation and advise for your next step. If you would like to speak with a consultant, we offer this service with an additional consulting fee.

Yes, within our interpretation we will offer suitable therapies that can support your goal to wellbeing.

If you have specific medical reasons for testing, those reasons might require more frequent testing. However, in the absence of specific medical reasons, we advise a yearly testing at a minimum.

Trained nurses are responsible to extract your blood sample. You’re in good hands, our private nursing team hold excellent experience to ensure this process is as smooth and seamless as possible.