Pre and Post Operative IV Therapy

Strengthen before undergoing surgery and accelerate your recovery after surgery

Surgery is always an invasive and traumatic procedure, but if you are already in poor health or condition, the trauma suffered and the time it takes to recover from it can be multiplied many times over.

That is why the Wellbeing Medical Group – as well as many other reputable integrative care specialists – offer a series of pre and post-op IV therapies designed to strengthen you and build up your constitution before undergoing surgery (pre-operative therapies), and those intended to regain your strength and health more quickly after surgery (post-operative therapies).

Our Aim

What you get from a personally created infusion programme:

Enhance Immunity strength

Supporting lack of appetite

Speeding the process of healing

Reducing or giving you better resilience to pain, lethargy and many of the other side effects that surgical procedures – or your underlying illness or injury – can produce

Using the power of IV infusions prior to your surgery date, this has shown us patients have recovered or been discharged from hospital on a sooner date with minimum post complications and optimised recovery pattern.

In the end, a course of pre- and post-operative therapies delivered by a trained integrative medical team can help you improve your quality of life dramatically.

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