Jemima McDavid, 47 – Breast Cancer

After a totally unexpected diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer in early 2017, I was left reeling in shock and disbelief. I had lived a consciously healthy lifestyle and done all the right things, so this was beyond belief. I was started on treatment immediately and my life became one big rollercoaster ride of doctors, appointments, blood tests, needles and the list can go on and on. Over the next year I had surgery and reconstruction, that I struggled to recover from, various courses of chemotherapy as well as Radiotherapy. I responded really well to these treatments, but the relief was short lived and in 2019 my cancer came back.

During my initial treatment I had toyed with the idea of integrated medicine and complementary therapies as an option and so when my cancer resurfaced, I actively started pursuing these options.

After a consultation with Wellbeing Medical Group, we decided that I was going to embark on a programme of high dose Vitamin C infusions. We started them almost immediately. The team of medical practitioners designed an infusion programme to include Vitamin C, Artesunate Infusions along with a variety of other ingredients that they believed would best suit my diagnosis.

I am halfway through the programme and to date I am feeling well, the lesion is under control. The medical team at Wellbeing Medical Group have offered constant support to me during these past few months, overseeing all my clinical needs and offering emotional support and strength. My journey is far from over but for now I feel like I have chosen the right path.

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