Hydration and Nutrient IV Support

A carefully crafted solution of water, electrolytes, vitamins and other micronutrients

There are many benefits to hydration and nutrient IV therapy, which are most strongly felt with elderly patients. Our golden years can make it difficult or uncomfortable to drink the amount of water your body needs, or even make it impossible for your body to absorb all the water it needs by drinking.

One of the most effective solutions to these common problems is intravenous (IV) hydration therapy. IV hydration is not simply injecting water into your veins. Instead, it involves slowly drip-feeding a carefully crafted solution of water, electrolytes, vitamins and other micronutrients into your vascular system. This fluid is ‘isotonic’, meaning that it is chemically formulated to match the natural fluids in your body, and to cause no discomfort or health issues when it is delivered.

IV hydration therapy is not a new idea at all, and anyone who has been admitted to the hospital during the last 3 or 4 generations has surely seen many patients receiving IV fluid drips.

What is new is the way IV hydration and nutrient support therapy is now being used as part of modern integrative medicine – a holistic approach designed to aid the crucial bodily requirement of hydration, more so for those at a vulnerable age.

Suitable for

IV hydration and nutrient support therapy can:

Rapidly hydrate you, restoring your energy and resilience

Restore a healthy vitamin and mineral balance to your system, eliminating any insufficiencies you may be experiencing

Remove the necessity to drink extra water when illness or other issues prevent the intake of large amounts of fluid orally.

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