Before you choose to use the services of Intravenous Therapy, please read the following information FULLY AND CAREFULLY.

By completing payment, you have agreed to the following terms of service.

Why Intravenous Therapy? The main benefits may include Injectable micronutrients are not affected by stomach, or intestinal absorption problems 2. Total amount of infusion/injection is available to the tissues. 3. Nutrients are focused into cells by means of a high concentration gradient. 4. Higher doses of nutrients can be given than possible by mouth without intestinal irritation.

I understand that I have the right to be informed of the procedure, any feasible alternative options and the risks and benefits. Except in emergencies, procedures are not performed until I have had the opportunity to receive such information and to give my informed consent. The basic goal is to encourage people to become (1) knowledgeable about and responsible for their own health, (2) and to bring it to a personal optimum level.

INTRAVENOUS THERAPY is designed to improve your optimum health, absence of other non-nutritional complication factors, and requires a sincere commitment from you, possible lifestyle changes, and a positive attitude. CAUTION: IT IS NOT INTENDED TO MAKE A MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS AND TO RECOMMEND ANY MEDICINAL TREATMENT(S). NO COMMENT OR RECOMMENDATION SHOULD BE CONSTRUCTED AS INFERRING OR IMPLYING A MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS.

Since every human being is unique, we cannot guarantee any specific results from intravenous therapy protocols and programs. Medication and or medical conditions may have a negative impact on the positive effects of IVNT.

HEALTH CONCERNS: if you suffer from a medical or pathological condition, you need to consult with an appropriate healthcare provider such as your GP or consultant. If you are under the care of another healthcare provider, it is important that you inform your other healthcare providers of your use of nutritional supplements.

ADVERSE EFFECTS: if you have any physical or emotional reaction to IVNT, discontinue use immediately, and contact your intravenous therapy practitioner to ascertain if the reaction is adverse or an indication of the natural course of the body’s adjustment to the supplementation.

LABORATORY TESTING: this will be carried out to determine areas of dysfunction, not to diagnose or treat. Lab testing can assist in revealing possible contraindications. Wellbeing Medical Group recommends that you consider at least the Essential blood tests (full blood count, liver function, kidney function) and reserves the right to refuse to administer infusions in the presence of any medical contraindication.

COMMUNICATIONS: Every client is an individual, and it is not possible to determine in advance how your system will react to the supplements you need. It is sometimes necessary to adjust your program as we proceed until your body can begin to properly accept products required to correct possible imbalances.

It is your responsibility to do your part by following healthy dietary guidelines, exercising your body, if possible, getting plenty of rest, and learn more about nutrition health benefits. You should request your other healthcare provider, if any, to feel free to contact Dr Kloppenburg for answers to any questions they may have regarding nutritional therapy.

I understand that: The procedure involves inserting a needle into a vein and injecting the selected IV protocol, I consent to this procedure taking place for duration/sessions outlined on the attached invoice. Several supplementation sessions may be required. Results may vary from person to person and the outcomes of any therapy cannot be guaranteed. Our specialist will discuss your options and expectations with you prior to any purchases.

Terms of Services are available for me to read within the provided document (terms of services) and it is within my responsibility to read this prior to the purchase of any product/service offered by Wellbeing Medical Group. Risks of intravenous therapy include but not limited to: a. Occasionally to commonly: discomfort, pain and bruising at injection site b. Rarely: inflammation in the vein used, phlebitis, metabolic disturbances c. Extremely rarely: severe allergic reaction, anaphylaxis, systemic infection, cardiac arrest and possible death.

I am aware that other unforeseeable complications could occur. I do not expect Wellbeing Medical Group – medical staff to anticipate and or explain all risk and possible complications. I rely on them to exercise judgement during my infusion with regards to my procedure.

I understand the risks and benefits of the procedure and have had the opportunity to have all my questions answered. I understand that I have the right to consent or refuse any proposed treatment at any time prior to its performance. At any stage during the infusion/injection, I have the right to request that the procedure is terminated, however, I accept that I will not be reimbursed/refunded.

Wellbeing medical group will exercise best practice by sending adequate shelf-life stock, if due to unexpected circumstances the duration of the forecasted infusion course is extended (example – due to patient being hospitalized), Wellbeing Medical Group will not hold responsibility for the infusion vials going out of date.

Intellectual Property – Photographs or asking staff members for Wellbeing Medical Group intellectual information is prohibited and could result in the termination of your purchased session/programme with no refund. Information regarding ingredients/prescription would be verified by a medical individual and sent on a request basis via email communication.

Infusion program – Under special circumstances – death, a partial refund of outstanding program would be issued once the content of the Infusions has been returned (unopened/with no damage). Under the discretion of Wellbeing Medical Group, a refund for a change of mind will be assessed to determine the situation of your claim. A fee will be incurred for any medical/non-medical work completed. Nurse slots are offered on a first come first serve basis, Wellbeing Medical Group will allocate available slots to you, if you have advancedly booked your preferred time/date or have been allocated to the nurse diary and cancel this according to your personal reasons a fee deduction from your completed payment would be applicable. Wellbeing Medical Group can order in on special request certain IV infusion ingredients internationally, a payment for this item is required in full prior to ordering. If you change your mind and decide not to go forward with the therapy after the order has been placed your payment will be non-refundable. Wellbeing Medical Group offers a credit note for purchased therapies not completed. A substitute therapy could be recommended to match your medical background.

Wellbeing Medical Group is aware medical circumstances can change during the course of your ongoing program with us. In the case a patient is required to stop the program to commence a conventional treatment plan, Wellbeing Medical Group will pause your program with us.
During the paused time Wellbeing Medical Group will maintain contact with the patient.
Wellbeing Medical Group will ensure the pre-paid/reserved IV program content is in date for up to 4 weeks during the paused time. IV programs that pass the 4 week pause period will not be refundable. Our 4 week deadline has been set so reserved items maintain within expiry dates.
Pre-paid/outstanding programs can still be resumed after the 4-week pause.

There is a strict no-refund policy on completed infusions.

Single Infusions – Minimum spend £400 plus call-out fee. If cancellation is made less than 24 hours before callout, 50% of the total payment will be charged to your card. Call outs need to be paid in advance and the booking is not confirmed until the full payment is made. We will invoice the full amount in advance. We do not offer refunds on call outs as infusions are pre-mixed. Call out times may vary up to 2 hours due to external circumstances. We may try to contact you before, during or after the scheduled call out time to provide updates. We ask that you please keep your phone nearby to answer. Every person having an appointment must have their own email address. We will email a medical questionnaire in advance of the appointment, and this is required to be completed. If the medical questionnaire has not been completed, then we reserve the right to cancel the appointment. We do not offer promotional discounts on home call service. We do not accept cash payments for callouts.

Special Order for Intravenous Infusion – Wellbeing Medical Group will clearly outline which items are classed under a special order. A special order are items which are not held in stock and manufactured upon patient request. A full payment is required prior to ordering any special order items. Special order items are non-refundable under any circumstances.

I have read and understood these terms of services.

I declare that the information given in this document is true and complete to the best knowledge and understand that false information or failure to disclose information may affect my health.

I was given the opportunity to ask questions and I have had enough time to reconsider/change my mind.

I accept that further medical information may be requested from my GP/doctor.

I have given my consent to an intravenous infusion/program with Wellbeing Medical Group & team.

I am aware payment is required prior to my IV therapy, if for any given reason I change my mind, the deposit will be non- refundable, and fees may be applied to my refund amount.

I am aware the content of my infusions will be left within my home. It is my responsibility to keep this safe and not compromise any content. Any compromised content will be charged a replacement fee. Wellbeing Medical Group staff may also ask me to check each IV bag so correct content is used by the nurse for each infusion.

Refund Policy – the patient or family member is required to put forward a refund claim under an applicable situation including loss of patient within three days. The three-day policy is also applicable for newly purchased programmes. This is due to the immediate medical/non-medical arrangements which are triggered upon receipt of payment. In the case of a deceased patient the reallocation of remaining stock is required to be completed within the three day window – avoiding risk of expiration. If you have purchased a programme with special order items, the three-day policy will not apply as there is a STRICT NO REFUND POLICY for imported special orders. Any refund claims exercised past this time would not be considered. This is not limited to a program which is on-going, medical circumstances will be assessed individually. ANY COMPLETED TREATMENT SESSIONS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.