Ozone Infusion Therapy

A natural part of our atmosphere that can improve oxygenation of your blood and revitalise tissues.

Ozone Infusion Therapy

Working alongside your oncologist, we can provide you with complementary therapies that don’t interfere with your current treatments. Ozone infusion therapy may improve blood oxygenation and revitalised tissues, supporting your overall wellbeing.

What is ozone infusion therapy?

Ozone is a gas that’s part of our natural atmosphere. It’s found in the ozone layer and is made up of three oxygen atoms. At Wellbeing Medical Group, we use ozone to support your wellbeing during cancer treatment.  

Low concentrations of ozone have been seen to help your immune system release interleukins and interferons. This provides support to deficient immune systems. Higher concentrations of ozone may help improve the oxygenation of your blood and revitalise tissues within the body.  

Ozone infusion therapy may help your blood become more oxygenated which, in turn, can help your body use oxygen more effectively. This may provide your weakened immune system with added support and help reduce inflammation within your body.

Ozone infusion therapy involves taking a sample of your blood and dissolving ozone gas into it. The sample is injected back into your body through an intravenous (IV) infusion via a vein in your arm. This is known as major autohemotherapy (MAH). 

We also provide ozone infusion therapy through rectal and vaginal insufflation and subcutaneous injections/infiltrations. 

Rectal and vaginal insufflation is where a dose of ozone gas is introduced into your body through your rectum or vagina through a catheter. This method is simple and convenient while still remaining effective. 

Subcutaneous injections/infiltrations are where a small amount of ozone is injected into your skin or joints to trigger an anti-inflammatory reaction. 

Wellbeing Medical Group pioneered the methodology and use of ozone therapy. We individually assess your needs to support an integrated cancer approach and provide you with the maximum benefits possible from ozone therapy. 

How does ozone therapy for cancer work?

Ozone infusion therapy aims to enhance your wellbeing while you undergo cancer treatment. It does not treat or cure cancer but it can be used to complement your current treatment plan. 

Ozone infusion therapy works in several ways: 

  • Oxygenation – cancerous cells thrive in low-oxygen conditions. Ozone infusion therapy can increase your overall oxygen levels, making it more difficult for them to grow.
  • Immune system support – this therapy may boost your body’s natural defence systems which can help you in your journey with cancer treatment. By strengthening your immune system, ozone infusion therapy may help your body to repair and recover from treatment.
  • Reduce inflammation – ozone infusion therapy may reduce inflammation in the body which can support your body when trying to prevent the spread and growth of cancerous cells.
  • Cellular function – ozone infusion therapy can potentially improve the overall function of cells within your body, making them more resistant to damage. This can be especially beneficial during your cancer treatment.
  • Cell production – this therapy may assist the production of new cells which can support a reduction of side effects caused by cancer treatments.

At Wellbeing Medical Group, we work closely with your oncologist to provide you with the personalised care that you deserve throughout your cancer treatment journey. 

Who is ozone infusion therapy suitable for?

Ozone infusion therapy can be used alongside the treatment of a variety of conditions, including cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases and cancer. However, it may be particularly beneficial if you’re going through cancer treatment or have a weakened immune system, helping minimise potential side effects like nausea and fatigue.

What if I live outside of London?

If you’re looking for complementary therapies to support your cancer treatment but live outside of London, we provide a dedicated concierge service directly to your door – wherever you’re based in the UK. We offer an at-home IV infusion programme with nationwide nursing support so you can access the best complementary care.  

How is ozone infusion therapy carried out?

When we carry out ozone infusion therapy, our highly experienced team makes sure to prioritise your safety at all times. We use medical-grade ozone in our therapies and our IV infusions are made to be as comfortable for you as possible. 

Our team will explain every step of the therapy to you and make sure you’re fully informed about the process. First, we’ll take a small sample of your blood before directly combining it with the medical-grade ozone. This solution can then be administered through an IV. 

When the infusion is complete, the IV will be removed and you will be able to return home. 

Side effects of ozone infusion therapy

Ozone infusion therapy is considered a safe complementary treatment but it can have possible side effects. Some of these may include: 

  • Fatigue 
  • Temporary flu-like symptoms
  • Irritation at the site of the IV or injection
  • Herxheimer reaction (a temporary worsening of symptoms)

These side effects are normally temporary and resolve within a day or two of your session. 

Before you undergo ozone infusion therapy, we’ll thoroughly discuss your current health and medical history to ensure this is the right therapy for you. We’ll also let you know of any possible side effects and how you can combat them at home. We encourage you to let us know of any discomfort or concerns you may have before, during or after your therapy.

Our team takes every precaution to provide you with the best care at all times and to minimise your risk of side effects. We place the utmost importance on your safety and comfort and our medical practitioners are highly trained in performing ozone infusion therapy so you can rest assured that the procedure is carried out safely. 

Benefits of ozone infusion therapy

Ozone infusion therapy can offer several potential benefits, as supported by clinical research. Some of these include: 

  • Boosting your immune system
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Activating antioxidants
  • Disinfecting wounds or injuries
  • Enhancing red blood cells
  • Fighting viruses and bacteria
  • Increase the production of new cells

Numerous studies back up these benefits and demonstrate just how useful ozone infusion therapy may be. 

One study from 2017 found that ozone therapy may alter several diseases and disorders, as well as support wound healing. Another study concluded that ozone therapy has the potential to help manage pain, infections and inflammation – some of the main symptoms typically experienced during cancer treatment.  

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Further research supporting ozone infusion therapy

If you’d like to learn more about the research behind ozone infusion therapy, take a look at some of our recommended resources and research articles below: 

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