IV Therapy

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High Dose Vitamin C IV Therapy

Wellbeing medical group offers a range of high dose vitamin C IV infusions designed to support you when undergoing western-style cancer treatment, each designed specifically for your medical situation, lifestyle, treatment plan and specific needs.
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Hydration and Nutrient IV Support

Our golden years can make it difficult or uncomfortable to drink the amount of water your body needs. Slowly drip-feed a carefully crafted isotonic solution into your vascular system, chemically formulated to match the natural fluids in your body, and to cause no discomfort or health issues when it is delivered.
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Pre and Post Operative IV Therapy

A series of therapies designed to strengthen you and build up your constitution before undergoing surgery (pre-operative therapies), and those intended to regain your strength and health more quickly after surgery (post-operative therapies).
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Body Strengthening

Our trained medical team will create a complete bespoke, personalised body strengthening plan for you. This plan may include diagnostic testing, intravenous therapy and/or oxygen therapy to reinforce and strengthen the immune/responsive system.
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Detoxification IV Therapy

Detoxification IV therapy is an important part of integrated cancer care, but it can also help you recover from many other kinds of illness, poor health and stress more quickly.
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Helleborus IV Therapy

A medicinal herb that has been used in cancer treatment and for various chronic inflammatory disorders, kidney disease, and early childhood developmental disorders. In integrative oncology, it has been used to treat testicular and fallopian cancers, prostate and urogenital cancers, and metastatic brain and lung tumours.
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Artemisinin Therapy

Traditionally been used as a treatment for malaria caused by parasites. It has been found to have anti-cancer activity against 55 cancer cell lines, and has shown to be particularly effective against leukemia, colon, lung, and breast cancer, including radiation-resistant breast cancer.
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Intravenous Mistletoe Therapy

Injected under the skin or infused directly into the vein.  Here at WMG we specialise the delivery of this special extract via intravenous infusion (infused by slow drip directly into the blood stream) Although this administration route is off-label, it is completely safe and widely used.
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IV therapy is administration of micronutrients directly into the blood stream via intravenous (IV) injection or drip.

A registered nurse would be administrating your IV Infusion, under the supervision of a GMC registered doctor.

There are no known side effects to the IV Infusion unless stated otherwise by our specialist team. We review each patient medical history before advising on a chosen infusion.

Yes, our doctors design your IV infusion plan, and will hold a discussion with you prior to starting your IV infusion

The cost can vary depending on the chosen course, which is designed by our consulting team. We would offer you a quoted price with no obligation, after your medical questionnaire has been completed.

Not to worry. Our trained medical team is here to assist your query and find the program/infusion which best suits your needs and medical requirements.

Yes. There are no restrictions to eating before, during or after an IV infusion treatment. In fact, we advise all customers to have a healthy breakfast and/or lunch prior to treatment, and to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

No. Unless recommended by our medical team, you will not need a blood test prior to the IV therapy. If proven necessary, we take care of all testing in house