Low Level Laser Hair Therapy

An FDA approved procedure, which enhances hair growth and improve the thickness and fullness of hair

Low Level Laser Hair Therapy is recognised internationally for the effectiveness in reducing hair loss in both men and women. This form of therapy uses a low power laser in a non-invasive manor on the scalp. Low Level Laser Therapy machines delivers a specific wavelength and frequency of light which enhances hair growth and improve the thickness and fullness of hair. LLLT is an FDA approved procedure and has a shown a success rate of over 80%. LLLT therapy accelerates blood circulation to improve regeneration ability of collagen fibres and promotes metabolism.

Each stage of the LLLT therapy session includes the following


Pre hair analysis – analyse the hair follicles and scalp.


Red infrared Light – Increases cell activity, promotes cells metabolism and accelerates the blood circulation.


Yellow infrared light – Treats sensitive skin effectively.


Blue infrared light – eliminates pathogenic bacteria.

Suitable For

We recommend LLLT therapy for the following criteria’s:

Hair thinning

Hereditary hair loss

Stress induced hair loss

Hair loss due to conventional treatments

Hormonal imbalance affecting hair growth

Scientific literature shows that LLLT is effective in improving the thickness and fullness of hair and preventing hair loss, either as a stand-alone therapy or in combination with other therapies offered at Wellbeing Medical Group.


Why choose LLY Therapy:

Low Laser Light Therapy is a painless procedure.

LLLT therapy is safe and a non-invasive treatment option.

No Downtime is required, you can continue with your day-to-day activities as normal.

Increases hair strength. Studies have shown to optimise the hair follicle making it thicker, stronger and healthier.

LLLT delivers low-power lasers to the hair follicles, stimulating cell function and increase the growth phase of the hair cycle.

The Wellbeing Medical group’s unique lymphatic drainage procedure can be used to support bodily swelling, and a wide range of post-operative care procedures.


Yes, we recommend this therapy for both men and women, our advisors would be happy to assist with your hair related query.

On your first session we will complete a hair/scalp analysis which we will add to your health assessment. From here it’s a case of sitting back and allowing the LLLT machine to deliver the infrared therapy to your scalp.

Yes, we will log your sessions within your file and review this. We recommend completing 12 sessions successfully before reviewing your before and after results. Be mindful, results can be still be ongoing after the 12 session mark.

Price is dependable on the program you choose. On your pre-assessment your medical advisor will go over this and explain the best choice for your requirements.

No, the LLLT therapy is a minimally invasive procedure which is rare to risks.

LLLT is a globally recognised therapy which can improve the effects of hair loss for almost anyone.

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