Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

An ideal environment for healing wounds, recovering from illness and experiencing an improved sense of wellbeing

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or ‘HBOT’ is a safe, invigorating procedure which allows a patient to breathe purified air with higher levels of oxygen concentration, typically at a higher air pressure than normal. This provides an ideal environment for healing wounds, recovering from disease or illness and experiencing an improved sense of wellbeing. Professionally delivered HBOT treatments can deliver more oxygen into our blood and tissues, ensuring that your body has the optimum level of oxygen in order to truly thrive. Equally, if your tissues and cells are not receiving the optimum levels of oxygen, the body’s ability to heal injuries or illness can be severely compromised. All of the body’s functions, from day-to-day homeostasis to healing surgical or accidental wounds, are empowered in a hyperbaric environment. Both scientific studies and our own experiences demonstrate that HBOT can repair damaged tissues and help cells to recover and optimise their functions. This translates in improved energy, vitality and wellbeing.

Suitable For

HBOT is known to:

Support cell rejuvenation and many anti-aging treatments

Improve blood circulation and speed the healing of wounds

Reduce feelings of fatigue and improve personal energy levels

Stimulate natural healing and support immunity or resistance to disease

Reduce feelings of stress, improve mood and produce better quality sleep

Support health of muscle tone, and the health of joints and connective tissues

Support the treatment of and recovery from many types of cancer and other serious illnesses

The Wellbeing Medical Group’s hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions are completely safe and take place is a specially designed, comfortable therapy room. The increased barometric pressure in the chamber would improve your oxygen levels in a relaxing, non-invasive way. Questions? Allow one of our HBOT specialists to clarify your concerns today.


The hyperbaric oxygen chamber works by raising the air pressure within the chamber, during this time the patient is given pure or high-percentage oxygen to breathe. That, in turn, leads to increased oxygenation of the body’s tissues, which has numerous health benefits.

A typical hyperbaric oxygen therapy session has four distinct phases:

  • In the first stage, the chamber is pressurised to a set level, often just over twice normal air pressure. This is comfortable for most patents.
  • Next, oxygen is administered to the patient whilst lying within the chamber.
  • The patient breathes in high-pressure oxygen within the chamber.
  • Finally, the chamber is slowly depressurised, and the patient can leave the chamber when instructed. You are free to go about your day, thoroughly invigorated.

Generally, no. Some people can find the change in atmospheric pressure slightly uncomfortable, but the effect is similar to one’s ears ‘popping’ when flying in an airplane. The chamber itself is comfortably furnished, and you will have plenty of room to move about.

That can vary person to person, which will be assessed by our medical team. Typically, a session can last between 30 minutes – 1 hour.

This varies, depending on the condition for which you are seeking the hyperbaric chamber, your medical background, physical condition and several other factors will be assessed prior to recommending a course for the hyperbaric chamber.

Our medical member will recommend accordingly, on most cases our patients use the hyperbaric chamber once to twice a week for a set period. From here we will evaluate and advise accordingly the next step.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) – side effects are rare and almost unheard-of in carefully run and managed clinics. Some patients however do experience fatigue or light-headedness, either during or after the therapy.

Yes. During your initial assessment we will carefully review your case and discuss your medical history. We will then work to identify what your health-related goals are and verify that you are a good candidate for our services.

Yes, of course. They will not be able to enter the hyperbaric chamber with you, but they can wait inside the room with you, offering you moral support.

Not at all. It is hardly more difficult to enter than a normal room and is suitable for use by people with a range of disabilities. If there are any difficulties, our staff have been fully trained to assist and advise.

No, there are a range of activities you can engage in inside the chamber, including reading or listening to music.

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