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Welcome To Wellbeing Medical Group – A dedicated centre built for Integrated Oncology Care.

Based in the heart of Tower Bridge London, holding over eight years of exposure & experience within integrated oncology care.

WMG is home to the latest cutting-edge medical technology and advances in multidisciplinary care. Our concept and vision is simple: we believe complementary therapies are the key to prosperous health within cancer care.

Private Cancer Care

WMG is home to the latest cutting-edge medical technology and advances in multidisciplinary care.

With GMC registered consultants guiding you through your wellbeing journey, we deliver not only exceptional care but peace of mind to our patients. Medical treatments should not be a journey of fear but rather a prosperous journey into health. Here at Wellbeing Medical Group, our therapies are all supported by vast knowledge of academic literature, years of experiences and clinical studies.



Integrated Oncology Cases Investigated



Intravenous Infusion Therapy delivered



Blood Tests Completed With Early Prevention Advice Given

How we approach your oncology care

Are you already receiving oncological treatment? There are many factors that weaken the effectiveness of cancer therapy, such as resistance to chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Programme Objectives:

    • Reinforcement of an existing oncological therapy

    • Reducing side effects on organs and immune system

    • Optimising your conventional treatment success

    • Suitable for all patients currently receiving oncology therapy with chemotherapies and/or radiation therapies

    • Duration: The duration of our bespoke course is dependent on case/current conventional treatment plan

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Your oncological therapy was unsuccessful, or you are looking for an alternative? Our Integrative Cancer Therapy is based on scientific findings and can assist you with your integrated oncology path.

Programme Objectives:

  • Cancer therapy with gentle, alternative methods

  • Protection of organs and the immune system during treatment

  • Suitable for patients seeking alternative cancer treatment

  • Duration: 4 – 12 weeks

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You have completed a stage of conventional therapy wish to assist in recovery, or you are in between cycles of therapy and wish to support with alternative therapies.

Programme Objectives:

  • Treatment of organ exposure and strengthening of organ functionality

  • Reconstruction and support towards the immune system

  • Preparation for the next oncology therapy cycle

  • Suitable for all patients who have completed oncology treatments or are between cycles of therapy

  • Duration: 4 – 12 weeks

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Our Services

Complementary therapies work alongside conventional medicine to increase wellbeing and to reduce side effects of conventional drugs, all without interfering in your prescribed treatment

IV Therapy

Administration of micronutrients directly into the blood stream via intravenous (IV) injection or drip, administered by a registered nurse under the supervision of a GMC registered doctor.

Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic testing encompasses a range of different procedures, all designed to investigate your symptoms, and determine what might or might not be causing them.

Integrated Oncology

A integrated approach to understanding your medical condition through a wide range of therapies along with complimenting your western treatment plan.


Therapies are a collection of treatments and interventions that are used to alleviate symptoms and improve the quality of life for individuals with mental health conditions, physical injuries, or chronic conditions.

National Coverage Available

Are you based outside of London seeking medical support with a complementary cancer care consultant?

Dedicated concierge service delivered to your home

Nationwide nursing support available

At-home intravenous infusion programme

GMC registered medical support

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