Integrated Medicine

A combination of complementary medicine with conventional medicine to improve your health outcome

Integrated Medicine is the integration/combination of complementary medicine with conventional medicine. It is a form of therapy where the best of standard, western medicine is combined with the most effective forms of alternative medicine, to improve the health outcomes of patients, give them a better quality of life.

How can integrated medicine back up and support conventional medicine? Integrated medicine specialists like those at Wellbeing Medical Group use a holistic approach to address more than symptoms, looking at the root cause of disease and ill health. This means we treat each patient as an integrated whole, rather than a list of symptoms and test results. We base our treatments on your physical and psychological state, as well as your lifestyle, nutrition and stress levels.

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The benefits of integrated medicine, according to many experts, include:

Access to more non preservative and non-chemical remedies

A wider network of health professionals and emotional support

A closer doctor-patient relationship, leading to better diagnosis

Addressing the root cause of pain and suffering by encouraging self-care

Is integrated medicine right for you? Quite possibly. Many of our patients feel that western medicine alone has failed them, or at least has not managed to address all of their problems. Other are satisfied with the primary effects western medicine, but are troubled by the side effects and other issues that come from a non-holistic approach to health.


Integrated medicine is an approach to health and disease. It is based on understanding the body and its disorders holistically. Integrated medicine seeks to identify and treat the real causes of diseases, rather than merely the symptoms.

Integrated medicine sees the patient and practitioner work together to design a bespoke health management plan. This plan will generally incorporate science, changes in lifestyle, environment, diet, and understand the root cause of the symptoms.

Yes. All our integrated medicine specialists are highly trained. Your care program will always be overseen by an expert, and each patient’s programme is designed bespoke with their needs and situation in mind.

Dr Kloppenburg Vieth is a highly skilled consultant with over 7 years of experience in integrated medicine. She has investigated a range of illness and disease in that time and advised many patients successfully.

During your initial consultation, which we call a Discovery, Dr Kloppenburg Veith will carefully review your medical history and discuss the best integrative approach. She will then work to identify what your health-related goals are and verify that you are a good candidate for our services before you enter any of the proposed programmes/therapies.

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Wellbeing Medical Group thrives to keep your health the no.1 priority. Our staff are dedicated to work closely on your case and offer you the maximum support required to reaching optimized health goals. Each person is an individual for us and so is our approach.

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