OZone Infusion Therapy

A natural part of our atmosphere that can improve oxygenation of your blood and revitalise tissues.

Ozone is a molecule consisting of 3 oxygen atoms – O3, rather than the O2 that we breathe every day. It is a natural component of our atmosphere, but usually in fairly low concentrations outside of the ‘ozone layer’, around 20 kilometres over our heads.

Small quantities of ozone gas are believed have shown to activate cellular antioxidant complexes and ‘radical scavengers’ when absorbed by the body. Low concentrations of the gas have been seen to cause the immune system to release interleukins and interferons, supporting deficient immune systems. In higher concentrations, it can be used as part of an effort to improve oxygenation of the blood and revitalise tissues.

Suitable For

Concentrated ozone has been used for medical and therapeutic purposes for more than a century, and has been found to:

Improve circulation of the blood

Help modulate the immune system

Activate natural biological antioxidants

Cleanse and disinfect wounds and injuries

Activate the metabolism of the body’s red blood cells

Destroy viruses, bacteria, fungus and other agents of disease

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