Our health plays a key role in maintaining our overall well-being. State of the art diagnostic tests can provide us with a more comprehensive understanding of our health, allowing us to make the best choices for our bodies.


Blood Tests


Blood tests are a safe and simple way to assess your general health, check for infections, and determine the performance of key organs in the body. Blood tests can screen for a range of different properties, including lipids, sodium, protein, cholesterol, trace metals, and key vitamins such as vitamin D, vitamin B12 and beta carotene.


Blood tests can also be used to understand thyroid functionality, hormone levels and to screen for health conditions such as polycystic ovaries, food allergies, metabolic syndrome, and anaemia.


Genetic Tests


Genetic tests analyse DNA to determine your genetic makeup. In addition to helping to understand whether you may be predisposed to certain conditions, genetic testing can also help in the early detection of a variety of hereditary conditions.


There are a range of genetic tests available, including single gene testing, panel testing, exome sequencing, and genome sequencing. This form of testing essentially looks at the way your cells work in accordance with your body’s programming and, as such, should always be tailored to your personal medical history and your family medical history.


Genetic testing may be a suitable option for you if:


– Your doctor suspects that you may have a genetic health condition

– A member of your family has a genetic health condition

– One or more of your family members has a vulnerability to a specific type of cancer

– You want to understand whether you have an inheritable condition prior to having children


Genetic testing is a simple process and only requires a sample of your saliva for analysis.


Optimum Health Program Tests


Optimal health program testing is a bespoke health plan which leverages the best Eastern and Western methods in order to simultaneously help to improve your emotional wellbeing and physical health. This integrated approach utilises forms of alternative medicine that have been scientifically proven to be beneficial, in conjunction with Western approaches regarding diet, exercise, fitness and personal training.


You will receive a bespoke health programme for your unique needs, situation and capabilities. This is designed to help you improve your physical fitness and address any psychological issues that may be negatively impacting your overall sense of health and well-being. Each programme is shaped to provide you with a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle, which will help you to stay on track towards achieving both your short and longer term goals.


When discussing your personalised plan, you and your integrated medical professional can explore everything from the best and most realistic diet and nutrition habits to achieve your health goals to the role that physical training and general exercise should play.